Miami …’El extravagante’

The colorful airport of Miami will welcome you .Use the MIA Mover electric-powered train to connect between MIA airport and the  Miami Central Station. You can use the Metrobus’ and Metrorail’s airport connections to go into the center of ‘El extravagante’ Miami.

Miami is a city of an amazing mixture of culture. You can walk in the street, ask  someone for directions in English and finish the conversation  in Spanish. You can take a taxi driven by a  Haitian who will  ask you in french, “Do you like ‘el extravagante’ Miami?”

A perfect day in Miami ⇓

♥  Do your jogging on the beach;you can also practice some exercises on the public sports equipment in front of the beach,

♥ Then to gain strength I recommend you  have a lunch on the Española Way, a beautiful street where the decor is inspired by Spanish architecture,

♥To relax catch some rays, take a nap on the beach,

♥To be classy as the top model Tyra Banks (who lives in Miami) do some shopping on the famous Collins Avenue!

♥Well …Now you are ready to start your MIAMI night life . First step which is mandatory before the sunset (even if the sun goes down on the west side) have a cocktail on one of the rooftops on the Oceans Drive Avenue, then appreciate the food in one of the multiple restaurants on the same street. To finish, go into a club to dance all night because in Miami ‘El extravagante’ you will never sleep.

My favorite shops in Miami

♥ Labellamafia :231A 8th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139,

LF 229 8th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

My favorite place to have fun is the Nikki Beach !




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