New York, the big apple…

Welcome to the ‘big apple’! I visited New York for the Easter weekend, and you know what? It’s more than a big apple; it’s a huge hub of fashion, design and culinary inspiration. Indeed this city has inspired so many people such as Frida Kahlo, Ai Weiwei …For the younger crowd Lady gaga and Jay-Z.

First of all, if you are going to New York I advise you to be on a diet before and to bring an empty suitcase and a good pair of shoes. Why do you have to listen carefully? Because New York is full of restaurants that will tickle your taste buds, clothing stores (I renamed it the ‘heaven of brands’), and amazing historical architecture. Your good pair of shoes will serve you well as you explore the city.

A day in New York:

♦ Drink a coffee in Times Square before it gets crowded and watch the recording of Good Morning America;

♦Visit the lovely Greenwich Village and appreciate the European atmosphere and the architecture,  then have brunch in Red Farm . For the fans of  ‘Friends‘ click here.

♦Crossing Soho, be attentive to the lovely shops. Well done; now you need a break and a cupcake! Then take the time to enjoy the street art like this creation of Kelsey Montague,

♦Go to Chinatown to have access to the financial district and cross the Brooklyn Bridge by night; you will see on one side the Empire State Building and on the other the financial district;

♦Go under the Brooklyn bridge to enjoy the view; if you want to have dinner go to the River Cafe which is a place that will offer you a peaceful moment or you can just eat a ice cream in the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

More advice: you have to visit during the sunset the ‘Top of the Rock’ and for the lovers of Italian food try Mercato.

I hope you will appreciate your visit, and my last advice is that “the best guide will always be your curiosity“.


2 thoughts on “New York, the big apple…

  1. It sounds like you had a great time! I’m from New York and Soho is definitely my favorite area. The food is so good everywhere that it’s almost a struggle being away from it for so long while we’re at school!


  2. I’ve never been to NYC, but it sounds like such an interesting place to visit! I love food, so I would probably eat everything! Greenwich Village sounds like a place I’d like to go because I LOVE European architecture. New York definitely sounds like a place that needs to be explored over several days because there is just too much to see in a day or two! Thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like it was fun!!


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