New York, the big apple…

Welcome to the ‘big apple’! I visited New York for the Easter weekend, and you know what? It’s more than a big apple; it’s a huge hub of fashion, design and culinary inspiration. Indeed this city has inspired so many people such as Frida Kahlo, Ai Weiwei …For the younger crowd Lady gaga and Jay-Z.

First of all, if you are going to New York I advise you to be on a diet before and to bring an empty suitcase and a good pair of shoes. Why do you have to listen carefully? Because New York is full of restaurants that will tickle your taste buds, clothing stores (I renamed it the ‘heaven of brands’), and amazing historical architecture. Your good pair of shoes will serve you well as you explore the city.

A day in New York:

♦ Drink a coffee in Times Square before it gets crowded and watch the recording of Good Morning America;

♦Visit the lovely Greenwich Village and appreciate the European atmosphere and the architecture,  then have brunch in Red Farm . For the fans of  ‘Friends‘ click here.

♦Crossing Soho, be attentive to the lovely shops. Well done; now you need a break and a cupcake! Then take the time to enjoy the street art like this creation of Kelsey Montague,

♦Go to Chinatown to have access to the financial district and cross the Brooklyn Bridge by night; you will see on one side the Empire State Building and on the other the financial district;

♦Go under the Brooklyn bridge to enjoy the view; if you want to have dinner go to the River Cafe which is a place that will offer you a peaceful moment or you can just eat a ice cream in the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

More advice: you have to visit during the sunset the ‘Top of the Rock’ and for the lovers of Italian food try Mercato.

I hope you will appreciate your visit, and my last advice is that “the best guide will always be your curiosity“.


The ‘Pallet’ touch

The ‘Pallet’ will be everywhere inside and outside of your house in 2016.

It is unmistakably the design, useful, ecological and sustainable object to have this year. Nowadays laud a healthy and ecological life it’s a huge trend! Thus it’s more interesting to support this ideology up to the end…You just need some inspiration, as here these few Pallet Design  that I have selected for you, and some courage to build you future lovely design ‘pallet’ certified 100% sustainable .

Why you will succumb to the ‘pallet’ trend?

◊ give a second life of this object allows to protect the planet,

◊ it can be a good moment to share with friends or family while creating your pallet,

◊ you can create a useful piece of furniture or unique atmosphere without a huge budget.

So go ahead !

Miami …’El extravagante’

The colorful airport of Miami will welcome you .Use the MIA Mover electric-powered train to connect between MIA airport and the  Miami Central Station. You can use the Metrobus’ and Metrorail’s airport connections to go into the center of ‘El extravagante’ Miami.

Miami is a city of an amazing mixture of culture. You can walk in the street, ask  someone for directions in English and finish the conversation  in Spanish. You can take a taxi driven by a  Haitian who will  ask you in french, “Do you like ‘el extravagante’ Miami?”

A perfect day in Miami ⇓

♥  Do your jogging on the beach;you can also practice some exercises on the public sports equipment in front of the beach,

♥ Then to gain strength I recommend you  have a lunch on the Española Way, a beautiful street where the decor is inspired by Spanish architecture,

♥To relax catch some rays, take a nap on the beach,

♥To be classy as the top model Tyra Banks (who lives in Miami) do some shopping on the famous Collins Avenue!

♥Well …Now you are ready to start your MIAMI night life . First step which is mandatory before the sunset (even if the sun goes down on the west side) have a cocktail on one of the rooftops on the Oceans Drive Avenue, then appreciate the food in one of the multiple restaurants on the same street. To finish, go into a club to dance all night because in Miami ‘El extravagante’ you will never sleep.

My favorite shops in Miami

♥ Labellamafia :231A 8th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139,

LF 229 8th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

My favorite place to have fun is the Nikki Beach !



Take care of your body …NOW

We all know the proverb “a healthy mind in a healthy body“, so why don’t we apply it now ?!

A little extra motivation and go for it (as me realizing that the spring break was in less than one week).

Lazy, busy, not interested…NO excuses! You will find below my personal rules and my significant sources of inspiration:

◊ Do sports ( really , you thought that you could avoid it?) → Massy Arias

◊ Eat healthy but don’t stop being greedy → Healthy deli Healthy food advice

◊ By drinking some sorts of tea you will detox your body → Detox tea & Wandertea

Die laughing about bad moments and enjoy the good ones → your friends, family and sometimes try to use THE  “positive attitude”.





Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year’s Day is the first day of Chinese lunar calendar. But the date is different each year on the Gregorian (internationally used ) calendar, between January 21th and February 20th.

And in 2016, it’s TODAY … FEBRUARY 8th ! Moreover it’s a Monkey Year!

“Monkeys” are witty, intelligent and have a magnetic personality…But are you a monkey? To check and know more on your character or your Horoscope (YES sometimes the stars can speak ) just click here ⇒ Am I a monkey?

For the curious you can find the Chinese New Year Calendar HERE

Go Carolina pantherrrrsss !!!

Here we go my firt super bowl in the United States, and not just any super bowl ! There are three days before the Super Bowl 50 which will happen on February 7, 2016 at 3:25PM in the city of Santa Clara. It will be hosted in the State-of-the-art Levi’s Stadium, which is the greenest and most technologically advanced profesionnal football stadium in the United States.

The game will be between the DENVER BRONCOS and CAROLINA PANTHERS !

Maybe Katy Perry wasn’t last year on a Panther for nothing, it is a prediction ?!! Who knows as you see I have already my favorite team so GOOOO Panthers !!!


Sonia  ~ 25 years old ~ French

Student at ESC PAU, and now at High Point University in North Carolina (USA) for one semester.

Since my childhood, I am passionate about all the elements which constitute a culture.

Here I share my personal experiences, culinary discoveries, travel adventures, fashion “♥” and more … Because as Madame COCO CHANEL said “in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” … so be proud of your culture and share it.

This will be honest and crazy (especially crazy).
I am excited to be sharing with you !